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To have a successful event, you need effective event marketing before, during, and after with the right content, creative, media, website, and social outreach. Redroc Austin event marketing agency uses highly effective digital tools, social media, traditional and digital media, and PR to make sure we build anticipation and engagement with your attendees and exhibitors. We build branded events that grow year after year, and frankly, we know how to put butts in seats! Our Capabilities have successfully promoted thousands of events in many categories. Learn how Redroc can help you do more to make your events thrive.


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Event Marketing Capabilities

We get ’em in the door

Through a variety of creative work, digital content, media strategies, and tactics, Redroc has helped promote thousands of events of all types. Our experienced team of event marketing experts specializes in holiday shows, consumer shows, concerts, sporting events, home and garden shows, seasonal events, haunted houses, and more.

Strategic Consulting

We know that complete event marketing requires smart tactics before, during, and after the event. We’re true partners and strategize with our clients on what kinds of events to host, types of artists to feature, media budgeting, and many other factors that help build successful events.

Media & Advertising

Redroc Austin is likely the most experienced event media and advertising firm you’ll meet. We have placed millions of dollars in paid media of all types to drive event attendance. This includes traditional media like billboards and radio as well as the most technical programmatic digital media available.

Web Sites and Ticketing

Your website is the foundation of your event’s marketing platform. We will strategically plan, design, and develop a brand-new website or modify your existing site. Redroc builds websites that specialize in driving ticket purchases and can easily tie in user-friendly ticketing services.

Creative That Works

Redroc is a full-service creative firm that excels in branding. We help build a unique identity for your event that will make it popular and memorable for years. Logos, web, design, audio, video, social, even costumes and environmental aspects are just some of the creative services we offer.

Social Media

From organic social media management and community management to paid social advertising, our social media team manages campaigns for thousands of events using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest.

PR Management

Redroc is not a PR firm. However, we will research, hire, and manage local PR firms for your events. Our team knows how to find the right firm, give them the ideas and assets they need, and hold them accountable to drive press for events.

Industry Experience

Categories of Expertise

Event marketing is multifaceted, and Redroc has a great deal of experience and expertise in a wide variety of event marketing areas:

Consumer Shows

Home & Garden Shows
RV Shows
Craft Shows

Seasonal Attractions

Haunted Houses
Christmas Shows
Light Shows
Pumpkin Patches
Fall Festivals
Mediterranean Festival
Spring Festivals
Family Farms
Shopping Events

Sporting Events

Round Rock Express
MMA Fighting
Texas Rangers Big League Weekend
USA Rugby
National Fastpitch Softball
Minor League Hockey
Austin Ice Bats


Concert Series
C3/Live Nation
Carlos’N Charlie’s Beach Parties

These guys know their sh*t!

What else can I say? They’ve created a movement in
haunted house marketing unlike anything this
industry has seen.

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Nothing is off limits if it can help the success of your show or event.

Redoc is a full-service marketing agency and has a thorough arsenal of tactics and strategies designed to successfully promote your event. We’re always trying to out-perform ourselves as new marketing ideas and technologies become available. Selling tickets is our goal! A sampling of our services include:



Case Study:
Show Technology Consumer Shows

Project Solved

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The Challenge

Grow a traditional consumer show to be relevant today.

Home and garden shows have been around long before big box stores and the internet made searching for home improvement providers and products much easier. So, how can a home and garden show stay relevant? That was our challenge with our 25+ year Redroc client, Show Technology, one of the largest producers of home and garden consumer events in the U.S. With shows throughout Texas, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, we needed to reach diverse markets with a central brand message that drove attendance. We also launched a new show in Fort Worth, TX, in 2021 – in the middle of a pandemic! How did we make that successful?


Our approach

Pivot – but stay true to our brand and our “why.”

We know people attend home shows for a variety of reasons. They could be a DIY homeowner looking for ideas. They might have a specific product they need, like a pool or new windows. They could be looking to build a home and looking for builders. Or maybe they’re just looking for something fun to do. In addition, we were challenged with an aging audience. We had to speak to both this current, older market as well as bring in new people to home shows.

Our Strategy – Focus on our “why.” Showtech shows help people get all their projects done, or at least started, in one place in one weekend. Bath projects. Landscaping projects. Organization projects. Well…Projects Solved!

The “Projects Solved” slogan is their theme and has worked well as an all-encompassing brand message. It’s on their website, prominent in social media posts, and in advertisements. We were able to reach all the different audiences, focus on what they were trying to accomplish, and help them get their projects done. We were also agile enough to play to current market conditions, adding other key benefits of the home show to our “Projects Solved” message – “Save Time. Save Money. Have Fun.”

Media Plans. We love to hear when show vendors and attendees tell us, “I see your ads everywhere!” Targeting seniors as well as young families demands our media plans be smart, customized, and often rethought each year.

We doubled down on Showtech’s social media presence, especially for the new Fort Worth show, with an increased budget and special video and Facebook interview content. We even built a home and garden resource website, which has gained a social following. At the same time, we used traditional media as promotional partners to increase our reach. PR also plays a large part, bringing in DIY influencers and mommy bloggers to reach various target groups. This was especially important for the young Fort Worth suburban families in our target area.

We’ve focused on building revenue from Showtech exhibitors rather than just concentrating on increased attendance. By making the shows free to attendees, we’ve increased our vendor base dramatically, creating better shows. This helped us better entice young families looking for a day out with their kids, while mom and dad found the help and ideas needed to solve their projects.


The Results

The new Fort Worth shows are thriving.

Even with the pandemic, we have managed to grow the Fort Worth show attendance, vendor count, and revenue. We used this time to build new offerings, speak to new audiences, expand social media reach and methods, and set Show Technology on the right path to continue growing. Here are some Fort Worth statistics from 2021 to 2023.

Social Media Engagement
Spring Vendor Sign-Ups
Fall Vendor Sign-Ups

Show Technology has added new shows in the Houston and Dallas markets. Vendor growth has been strong, as the focus on “vendors=attendees” is working well. We also continue to skew attendee numbers younger, introducing young families to the home show concept.

We have seen increased engagement with Showtech’s social media (+85% engagement rates) over the past two years. Website sessions have increased by 10.5% and new users by 8.4%. These numbers are paying off with attendance, positive reviews of the shows, and increased vendor revenue.

Redroc has worked with Show Technology for 25 years and continues to find ways to build exciting and successful events.

I’m incredibly satisfied with the results and support I receive from Redroc, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services

to anyone seeking social media support, digital marketing, web development, consulting, and everything in between. Thank you for your outstanding work!

Mark Mantini


Show Technology

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