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It takes more than great food for restaurants to become successful and stay that way. It takes effective and efficient restaurant advertising to make sure the market understands your brand, what you offer, and puts you on the top of their “Must Eat” dining list. Redroc Austin has excelled in restaurant and hospitality marketing for nearly 30 years. We have partnered with established brands and new clients who come to us with just an idea. We’ve helped them with a concept, naming, audience building, and site development before opening. We’ve even come up with menu ideas!


Once it’s time to open the doors, we can leverage design, audio, video, food photography, social media marketing, email marketing, digital advertising, traditional advertising… any way to drive revenue. We understand fast food, QSR, full-service and high-end restaurant challenges. With experience on 50+ restaurants, chains, and hotel/hospitality brands, we know the formulas, the numbers, how to budget, and how to build a marketing plan that drives results for restaurants, group events, catering, delivery and beyond.


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Restaurant Marketing Capabilities

We make the cash register ring

Through ideation, branding and design, email marketing, food photography, social media, and proprietary digital media tactics, Redroc has helped scores of restaurants succeed over the past 3 decades. Our experienced team of restaurant and hospitality marketing experts understands the needs of the hospitality industry, and we’ve built a proven system for maximizing results for restaurants of all types.

Restaurant Branding

In the crowded restaurant market, a brand has to stand out. It has to mean something, and very quickly speak to the consumer about what they should expect. We help build brands from scratch and revitalize old brands with design, web sites, photos, video and on-site elements.

Media & Advertising

From the multi-unit chain to the single fine-dining experience, we know the tactics that work to advertise restaurants. From traditional media like TV and outdoor to the most technical cell phone tracking advertising, we have many tools in our media kit.

Web Sites

A great restaurant/hospitality web site balances your need for SEO with creating an optimal user experience. We understand that balance. Our Redroc team has built many web sites for restaurants, from fine dining to fast food. We know how to work with your POS system, how to drive delivery or group orders, and how to best target groups and events. The foundation of your marketing plan is your web site, and we build solid foundations.

Social Media

From organic social media management and community engagement to paid social advertising, our social media team builds creative and manages campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok, YouTube and more. We understand how to build brands and drive visits.

Proprietary Targeting

Redroc has created a number of proprietary digital targeting strategies to help restaurants, using first-party data, geo-targeting and mobile ID technology to drive specific features such as brunch, happy hour and group events.

Unmatched Creative

Our vast experience in this category has trained our team to unmatched in food photography and video, social creative, branding and other creative assets used needed for restaurant and hospitality clients. Just check out our featured work.


Redroc is a full-service sit-down 9 course experience in marketing restaurants

Redoc is a full-service marketing agency and has developed a great number of tactics and strategies designed to successfully restaurants. We’re always trying to out-perform ourselves as new marketing ideas and technologies become available. A sampling of our services include:



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