In the Amusement Park of Advertising, Contextual Ads Are the Coolest Ride

By Matt Nelsen
Person exploring a landscape with a rollercoaster stretching across it.

Advertising is always about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time at the right place. In digital advertising, the right place is always tricky, and with third-party interest targeting taking more and more of a hit from the continued loss of cookie tracking contextual targeting is becoming more and more relevant. For us in the amusement and entertainment industry finding the right fit for our ads in the right space is becoming more and more important. Contextual advertising has emerged as a powerful ally in this quest. Many companies have turned to AI to index and comb through websites to create contextually relevant data points for advertisers to use.


Contextual advertising is based on the cornerstone of relevance. Imagine you’re running an ad campaign for a ziplining adventure, targeting adventure seekers aged 18 to 35. If your ad pops up next to an article about the latest gardening trends, while you might still reach your demographic, the context isn’t relevant. To be contextually relevant we would consider placing your ad in spaces related to outdoor adventures, extreme sports, and travel blogs. This way your message will fit in with relevant content ensuring it resonates with thrill-seekers who are actively engaged. Contextual precision ensures your ziplining ad won’t just hit the target demographic, but it will in an environment that matches your “call for adventure”.


The additional upside to contextual advertising is its ability to tailor ads for specific situations. To use a different example, when running ads for a family entertainment venue we can tailor ads for different aspects depending on context. For instance, if the context revolves around birthday party locations, the ads should spotlight the ease and enjoyment of hosting birthday parties at the venue. On the other hand, if the context is a sports-related article, the ad should shift to showcase the possible exciting offerings, such as batting cages, bowling, or mini golf. This adaptability ensures that the message aligns with the surrounding content and drives interest to the Family entertainment venue.


In the ever-changing landscape of online advertising, where traditional behavioral and demo targeting faces increasing challenges, AI-driven contextual advertising has become better and better. At Redroc we love leveraging AI to curate contextually relevant data points for our clients and ensure their message resonates with their target audience. Whether you’re attempting to lure thrill-seekers to a ziplining adventure or inviting families to your entertainment venue, our contextual targeting ensures your ads will not only reach the right demographic but will also reach them at the right place.

MATT NELSEN is the Media Director at Redroc Austin. He is a digital media expert with over 20 years of agency experience negotiating digital, OTT, digital audio; focusing on building partnerships with vendors and efficiencies for clients.

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