Restaurant Marketing: Should More Ad Budgets Shift to Radio? | Pixels + Points 06

With Matt Nelsen, Susie Brown;

In this episode 06 of Pixels + Points, Matt and Susie discuss restaurant marketing, focusing on traditional media’s impact. They highlight a study showing radio’s effectiveness for QSRs, despite most budgets favoring TV. The episode also explores future restaurant marketing trends like hyperlocal, delivery apps, and Wi-Fi marketing, emphasizing social media’s role in enhancing customer engagement.




Matt: Hello again, and welcome to Pixels and Points! I’m Matt Nelson, the Media Director at Redroc.

Susie: And I’m Susie, the Media Buyer and Media Guru for traditional media buying.

Matt: Today’s episode is all about restaurant marketing, diving deep into some insightful articles. Susie, what’s our first topic?

Susie: Well, today we’re discussing an interesting study published by Nielsen and Scarborough a couple of months ago. It focuses on the effectiveness of traditional media like radio and TV for fast food and Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs).

Matt: Fascinating! What did the study reveal?

Susie: Essentially, it highlighted that heavy radio listeners are 25% more likely to visit a QSR more than 10 times a month. This demographic tends to be younger, with children, and they spend a lot of time commuting—perfect for targeting through radio ads.

Matt: So, radio seems to have a significant impact on QSR visits. What about TV advertising?

Susie: Interestingly, heavy TV users are 15% less likely to frequent QSRs. This makes sense since they’re more likely to stay at home than be out driving around.

Matt: It’s all about where and how you reach your audience, then. What about the budget allocation between radio and TV?

Susie: Surprisingly, despite radio’s effectiveness, 92% of traditional advertising budgets still go to TV, with only 8% allocated to radio. However, radio offers a higher ROI—$3 increase in sales for every dollar spent compared to TV’s 89% brand recall.

Matt: That’s a compelling argument for leveraging radio more strategically. It seems like there’s a clear advantage for QSRs to invest in radio advertising.

Susie: Absolutely, especially considering the loyal nature of radio listeners who tend to stick with their favorite stations. It creates a perfect match for QSRs aiming to build brand loyalty through consistent exposure.

Matt: Moving on, what about non-QSR restaurants? How should they approach their marketing strategies?

Susie: For sit-down restaurants, especially family-oriented ones, TV advertising might still hold sway. Families tend to make dining decisions together, often influenced by TV ads during family viewing times.

Matt: Timing seems crucial then, matching media strategy with consumer behavior. Next on our list, let’s dive into the future of digital marketing trends for Quick Service Restaurants. There’s a lot to explore, including hyperlocal marketing, the impact of delivery apps, and the emerging role of Wi-Fi marketing.

Susie: Hyperlocal marketing sounds intriguing. How are QSRs adapting to this trend?

Matt: Many QSRs are now focusing on targeting customers within a one-mile radius using tools like Google search and Facebook ads. This localized approach helps them capture foot traffic and engage with nearby residents effectively.

Susie: And what about the influence of delivery apps?

Matt: Delivery apps have revolutionized how QSRs market themselves. It’s not just about being listed; it’s about managing online reviews, engaging on social media, and ensuring a seamless customer experience from app to doorstep.

Susie: That’s where Wi-Fi marketing comes into play, right?

Matt: Exactly! Offering free Wi-Fi in QSRs not only enhances customer experience but also provides a valuable opportunity to collect customer data. By capturing email addresses or mobile IDs, QSRs can later retarget these customers with personalized promotions.

Susie: It’s all about leveraging technology to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. These trends are not just for QSRs but can benefit any restaurant looking to stay competitive in a digital age.

Matt: Absolutely, and it’s exciting to see how these strategies evolve to meet changing consumer behaviors and expectations.

Susie: Indeed, the landscape of restaurant marketing is continually evolving, and staying ahead of these trends can make all the difference. So, Matt, any final thoughts on today’s discussion?

Matt: It’s clear that whether you’re a QSR or a sit-down restaurant, understanding your audience and adapting your marketing strategies accordingly is key to success. Thank you, Susie, for sharing these insights with us today!

Susie: My pleasure, Matt! And thank you all for tuning in to Pixels and Points. We’ll see you next time!

About the Hosts

MATT NELSEN is the Media Director at Redroc Austin. He is a digital media expert with over 20 years of agency experience negotiating digital, OTT, digital audio; focusing on building partnerships with vendors and efficiencies for clients.

SUSIE BROWN is the Media Buyer/Planner at Redroc Austin. She is a traditional media expert with over 20 years of agency experience negotiating local spot broadcast, cable, OTT, radio and digital audio; focusing on building partnerships with vendors and efficiencies for clients.

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