A Guide to Fast CRM-Lead Integration

By Matt Nelsen
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Once upon a time, I needed some work done on my house, so I reached out to a service that helps you find contractors and submitted a request for a quote. Within the day, I received calls from several contractors and set up a few appointments. After a few calls, I started receiving even more, but at that point, I felt like I had reached my limit in dealing with contractors.

This scenario has happened to me a few times during my experience as a homeowner. When I need work done, I schedule appointments with a few contractors to get estimates and then continue with my life. This is why, from the other side of the table, it’s crucial to be one of the first, if not the first, businesses to reach out to a prospective client.

When a lead comes in, it’s supremely important to have it integrated into your business’s CRM system so that the sales team can respond as quickly as possible. In our digital age, leads can come from various online sources, including Facebook and Google, to name a few, along with your own website. However, it’s essential to have them integrated into your CRM for a prompt response.

The first method of getting leads into your CRM is by setting up a webhook to have the collected data sent directly to your CRM tool. This works well for data collected on your website but can be challenging for Facebook and Google, as they lack effective ways to send information.

This is where it gets interesting. We can use handy tools like Zapier. With Zapier, we can connect our Facebook account, Google account, or website so that when a lead is generated, it’s automatically sent to the CRM. For instance, after setting up a lead form on Facebook, containing vital data like names, emails, phone numbers, and multiple-choice questions regarding the services of interest, we can set up a Zap in Zapier. The process is usually two steps: first, it pulls the info from Facebook, and then it sends it to where it needs to go. You can set up the second step to perform various tasks, from sending the data through a webhook to the CRM, sending an email to team members with the lead, or even dropping the lead information into a Google sheet. You can also set up intermediate steps in case the data needs reformatting to match your CRM tool’s requirements.

Finally, let your CRM’s automation tools do the heavy lifting. They can send personalized emails, set reminders, and group your leads for super-targeted marketing.

In a nutshell, here at Redroc we make integrating leads from Facebook, Google, and your website into your CRM not as complicated as it sounds. We can help you streamline your processes, improves conversion rates, and propels your business forward.

MATT NELSEN is the Media Director at Redroc Austin. He is a digital media expert with over 20 years of agency experience negotiating digital, OTT, digital audio; focusing on building partnerships with vendors and efficiencies for clients.

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Simple robot toy with buff human arms curling weights

A Guide to Fast CRM-Lead Integration

Effortlessly integrate leads from Facebook, Google, and your website into your CRM with Redroc. Streamline processes, improve conversion rates, and propel your business forward with our expertise.

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