Targeting Homeowners with Cable and Broadcast TV

By Susie Brown
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In the always changing and dynamic landscape of advertising, the ability to precisely target your audience is crucial for campaign success. While digital is still king as far as targeting goes, for businesses looking to engage homeowners, cable and broadcast TV still offer a potent combination of reach and impact. In this blog, we’ll delve into strategies that advertisers can employ to effectively target homeowners through these traditional yet highly influential channels.


Be Prepared


Before diving into cable and broadcast TV advertising, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your target audience—homeowners. Consider factors such as age, income, location, family status, and interests. The more specific your target audience, the better you can tailor your TV buy. Keep in mind any exclusive offers or promotions, limited-time discounts or bundled services when setting campaign flight dates.


Go Local


Cable and broadcast TV often feature local programming that resonates well with homeowners. Local programming often attracts homeowners and allows you to reach a more targeted audience. Advertise during any TV programs that cater to homeowners, such as home improvement TV shows, real estate programs, or gardening shows. See if any sponsorships of these programs or local station events/promotions are available. Partnering with any local events can provide credibility within the community. Any local news, community events, or lifestyle shows that tap into the interests and concerns of your target demographic will maximize exposure.


Target Practice


Take advantage of targeted ad placements offered by cable and broadcast TV providers. These may include daypart targeting (specific times of day), geo-targeting, and programmatic ad buying to ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time. Broadcast TV stations can provide qualitative data by daypart/program against your target demographic, and you can layer in a homeowner and/or a household income target as well. This data is usually pay to access, but the stations have software subscriptions and are happy to share. Cable TV can geo-target by zone to deliver ads to specific regions or neighborhoods with a higher concentration of homeowners or to geo-target specific sales regions set by the client.


Stretch Your Dollar


Explore co-op advertising opportunities with local businesses catering to homeowners. By partnering with home improvement stores, real estate agencies, local service providers, or corporate, you can share costs and maximize your reach. Also, be sure to always negotiate added value along with any paid TV or Cable campaign. The industry standard is a minimum of 10% back in added value for any media buy placed.


Reach Across Channels


Combine your TV advertising efforts with digital marketing strategies. Create cohesive campaigns that span cable and broadcast TV along with social, OTT and pre-roll to reinforce your video message. Maintaining a consistent brand image across all advertising channels will always increase reach, brand recall and reinforce your message. Stay updated on trends in broadcast TV consumption, including the rise of streaming services and connected TV. Optimize performance and adjust your strategy accordingly to include any of these platforms if they align with the target audience or one tactic is performing better than another.


Cable and broadcast TV remain powerful tools for reaching homeowners, especially when combined with digital strategies. Like the legs of a stool, if you have Broadcast TV, Cable, and Digital Video all working together on a campaign, then the stool will stand level. Take any of these legs away and the stool will fall. Redroc can help clients to employ these strategies to create impactful campaigns that resonate with homeowners, driving engagement and, ultimately, business success. As the advertising landscape evolves, the timeless appeal of TV advertising continues to be a cornerstone for connecting with audiences at home. Redroc is there to navigate these waters start to finish, from identifying emerging media to strategy and implementation to optimization during campaigns and post campaign reconciliation.

SUSIE BROWN is the Media Buyer/Planner at Redroc Austin. She is a traditional media expert with over 20 years of agency experience negotiating local spot broadcast, cable, OTT, radio and digital audio; focusing on building partnerships with vendors and efficiencies for clients.

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